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About Us

We provide the cheapest bulk sms service you can find in Nigeria.
In today's fast pace environment, our most expensive asset is time. Using SMS gateway can save your time and budget in many different areas.
Bulk SMS can be used to ensure employees and clients receive vital and updated information about your company at a pocket friendly budget. You can also transfer or deposit into our bank accounts or pay for sms at the ATM after which your account will be credited in few minutes time.

Why patronise us?

There exists many bulk sms websites, but Sharesms exceeds them all.

Speedy delivery of thousands of SMS.

You don't need to wait forever before your bulk sms are delivered, because we've got your back.
Send thousands of sms and they're all delivered in a jiffy.

Mass upload of phone numbers

Adding of phone numbers need not to be singly added, they can be uploaded in bulk via excel file or a text file.

Become a Reseller

Become a Bulk SMS Reseller and earn more money without quitting your job.

Easy phone book/contacts management.

Our contact management system makes it possible for you to add, modify and delete phone numbers with ease.

SMS Delivery reports.

Downloading of all your sms delivery reports in an excel format for future references can be done with our platform as well.

24/7 Support.

Contact us for all enquiries and get fast replies to your requests.

Scheduling of messages

Scheduling of messages to be sent in the future can be done. All you need to do is to select the date and time the message will be sent to the selected recipient(s).

Sharing of units

You can share your bulk sms units with any of our customers easily.